image noun

1 impression of sb/sth given to the public

ADJ. positive | negative | upmarket | downmarket | tarnished The party needs to clean up its somewhat tarnished image. | clean-cut, girl-next-door, wholesome She was aiming for a wholesome, girl-next-door image. | macho | hackneyed the hackneyed image of the poor student | media, public, screen In real life she looks nothing like her screen image. | brand, corporate Champagne houses owe their success to brand image.

VERB + IMAGE create The company needs to create a new image for itself. | present, project, promote a book which presents positive images of older people | aim for, go for | change | clean up, enhance, improve, polish, revive an effort to improve the organization's public image | keep up, live up to The group has failed to live up to its macho image. | discard, shed The industry is trying to shed its negative image. | tarnish

2 mental picture of sb/sth

ADJ. powerful, vivid | sudden She had a sudden mental image of herself in a wedding dress. | positive | negative | distorted the distorted images in his dreams | popular | stereotyped/stereotypical | mental | literary, poetic | dream

VERB + IMAGE have | conjure up, summon up Dieting always seems to conjure up images of endless cottage cheese salads. the ability to summon up images in the mind | build up I like to build up images of the characters and setting before I start to write. | use | reinforce Treating disabled people like children only reinforces negative images of disability.

PREP. ~ from images from his past

3 copy

ADJ. living, spitting He's the spitting image of his father! | mirror Charity was a mirror image of her twin. (figurative) The return journey was almost a mirror image of the outward one (= the same things happened in the reverse order).

4 picture

ADJ. disturbing, poignant, powerful, striking powerful and disturbing images of the war | visual The visual image is steadily replacing the written word. | flickering, moving flickering images on a screen | still the use of still and moving video images | colour | black-and-white, monochrome | photographic, video | screen Each illustration is displayed as a complete screen image. | digital | graven (literary) It was forbidden to worship graven (= carved) images. | religious | pornographic

VERB + IMAGE produce the images produced on laser printers | capture, scan She longed to capture the image on film. | edit | display, show the pixel information used to display a digital image | store You can store these images in a separate computer file. | juxtapose The display juxtaposed images from serious and popular art.

IMAGE + VERB show sth heat images that show where most of the activity in the brain is

IMAGE + NOUN capture, processing | database > Special page at COMPUTER

You can also check other dicts: image (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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