imagination noun

ADJ. great | active, creative, fertile, vivid | fevered, overactive, overheated It's just a product of your fevered imagination! | collective, popular, public a popular hero who inspired the collective imagination | visual I was no good at art?I have a very poor visual imagination. | historical, literary It requires a strong effort of historical imagination to understand the Roman attitude to death. | human the powers of the human imagination

VERB + IMAGINATION have | show | lack Today's pop music lacks imagination. | require, take It does not take great imagination to guess what happened next. | use I haven't got a picture of this so you'll just have to use your imagination. | capture, captivate, catch, excite, fire, inspire, seize, stimulate, stir Victorian writers fired the popular imagination with their tales of adventure. | grip, hold Dinosaurs caught and have held the imagination of us all because they seem like dragons. | stretch, tax | defy The scale of the disaster defied imagination (= was greater than you could imagine). | leave sth to As for their reaction, I'll leave that to your imagination!

IMAGINATION + VERB conjure sth up His imagination conjured up a vision of the normal family life he had never had. | run away with you, run riot/wild

PREP. beyond (your) ~ misery that is beyond most people's imagination | in the/your ~ Nobody hates you?it's all in your imagination! | with/without ~ He was totally without imagination.

PHRASES a lack of imagination, a figment/product of sb's imagination The figure vanished as silently as if it had simply been a figment of her imagination. | not by any/by no stretch of the imagination Not by any stretch of the imagination could she be called beautiful (= she was definitely not beautiful in any way). | only your imagination Is it only my imagination or have you lost weight? | with a little imagination With a little imagination you can create a delicious meal from yesterday's leftovers.

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