impact noun

1 effect/impression

ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, enormous, great, high, huge, important, main, major, massive, powerful, profound, real, significant, strong, substantial, tremendous a high-impact message aimed at changing high risk behaviour among drug-users | limited, marginal, minimal/minimum, negligible | full The industrial north of the country felt the full impact of the recession. | maximum We'll show you how to dress for maximum impact at the all-important audition. | overall, total | growing, increasing | added | disproportionate | uneven the uneven impact of the debt crisis on developing countries | aggregate, combined, cumulative considering the cumulative impact of a series of damaging events | decisive | direct The railways made a direct physical impact on the landscape. | immediate, instant | initial, short-term | lasting, long-term | far-reaching, wider It is important to appreciate the wider impact and implications of this proposal. | future, likely, possible, potential | beneficial, favourable, positive | adverse, catastrophic, damaging, devastating, disastrous, heavy, negative, serious, severe | human The severest human impact on the dolphins has been the loss of habitat. | personal The personal impact of party leaders has been very important. | physical, visual seeking to reduce the visual impact of wind farms on the landscape | cultural, ecological, economic, emotional, environmental, financial, health, political, psychological, social The environmental impact of power generation is being assessed.

VERB + IMPACT achieve, create, exert, have, make Variations in the interest rate will have an impact on the whole housing market. You certainly made a big impact on Carter. | feel The initial impact of the reforms will be felt most keenly in primary schools. | analyse, assess, consider, evaluate, examine, explore, judge, measure, monitor, study It is difficult to judge the likely impact of the changes on employment patterns. | enhance, increase, maximize | alleviate, cushion, lessen, minimize, reduce, soften We are trying to minimize the impact of price rises on our customers. | diminish, lessen, reduce, weaken Listening to the speech through an interpreter lessened its impact somewhat. | lose When peace returned, the hardline message lost much of its impact. | resist, withstand This section explores how mothers resist the impact of poverty on the health of their children. | be concerned about | appreciate | highlight | address | predict | reflect Architecturally, these churches reflected the impact of the Renaissance.

PREP. under the ~ of Manufacturing fell sharply under the impact of the recession. | ~ on/upon to highlight the impact of technology on working practices

2 act/force of one object hitting another

ADJ. full | initial

VERB + IMPACT take The front coach of the train took the full impact of the crash. | feel | absorb A well-designed sports shoe should absorb the impact on the 28 bones in each foot. | lessen, soften Air bags are designed to soften the impact for crash victims. | survive, withstand The crew of six may have survived the initial impact, but the whole plane went up in flames seconds later.

IMPACT + VERB occur Impact occurred seconds after the pilot signalled for help. | knock sb/sth … The impact knocked him off balance.

IMPACT + NOUN speed | crater Small meteorites have left impact craters all over the planet's surface.

PREP. on ~ The front of the car had crumpled on impact.

PHRASES the moment/point/time of impact

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