importance noun

ADJ. cardinal, central, considerable, critical, crucial, enormous, especial, extreme, fundamental, great, high, immense, key, major, outstanding, overriding, overwhelming, paramount, particular, primary, prime, profound, real, special, supreme, tremendous, vital | first, greatest, highest, utmost This information is of the first importance. It is of the utmost importance that you arrive on time. | growing, increasing | declining the declining importance of manufacturing industry | lesser, limited, marginal, minor, secondary | direct | general | added | immediate | continued/continuing, lasting | equal | relative | intrinsic | obvious | perceived differences in the perceived importance of the different subjects in the curriculum | potential | public | international, national | practical | theoretical | symbolic the symbolic importance of iron in German culture | archaeological, commercial, constitutional, cultural, ecological, economic, environmental, historical, legal, military, political, social, strategic

VERB + IMPORTANCE have These finds have considerable archaeological importance. | assume, take on Childcare schemes take on an added importance at a time of national recession. | grow in, increase in, rise in | decline in, diminish in, fall in The overseas markets have now declined in importance. | attach, give sth, place To what objectives do you attach most importance? the importance placed on cleanliness | accept, acknowledge, appreciate, be aware of, grasp, realize, recognize, see, understand People were aware of the importance of working with nature. | demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, point to, reflect, show, suggest Figure 2.2 shows the relative importance of the different service industries. | assert | deny | confirm | draw attention to, emphasize, highlight, point up, promote, stress, underline The manual stresses the importance of regular maintenance. | diminish, downplay, minimize, play down, underplay She was inclined to play down the importance of her own role in the affair. | exaggerate, overestimate | underestimate, undervalue Don't underestimate the importance of neat presentation. | increase | reduce | consider, discuss | explain | cast/throw doubt on, doubt, question No one can seriously question the political importance of the environment. | forget, ignore, overlook

IMPORTANCE + VERB arise from sth, lie in sth The town's importance lies in the richness and quality of its architecture. | depend on sth

PREP. of … ~ The railways were of crucial importance in opening up the American West. | ~ for an area of enormous importance for wildlife | ~ to the importance to the country of a healthy economy

PHRASES in order of importance Deal with the issues in order of importance. | a matter of importance

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