inclined adj.

1 wanting to do sth

VERBS be, feel, seem I only write when I feel inclined to. There's time for a swim if you feel so inclined.

ADV. strongly, very | rather I'm rather inclined to wait a few days before deciding. | favourably

PREP. towards Advertising aims to make people aware of a product and favourably inclined towards it.

2 tending/likely to do sth

VERBS appear, be, seem | become, grow

ADV. strongly, very | increasingly | a bit, half, a little, rather, slightly I'm half inclined to believe you. She's rather inclined to become impatient. | naturally | criminally, liberally, mystically, romantically, suicidally The club was a notorious hang-out for the criminally inclined.

PREP. to (formal) people who are naturally inclined to melancholy

PHRASES that way inclined (informal) What's that? The ‘Model Railway Journal’? I didn't know you were that way inclined (= interested in model railways).

3 having a natural ability for sth

VERBS appear, be, seem

ADV. academically, artistically, musically children who are academically inclined

You can also check other dicts: inclined (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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