inequality noun

ADJ. considerable, great, marked, substantial Inequalities of income would lead to even greater inequalities in access to health care. | real | growing, increased/increasing | global, regional | class, economic, educational, gender, income, pay, racial, sex/sexual, social, socio-economic, structural

VERB + INEQUALITY cause, create, lead to The introduction of school fees would create inequality between schools. | maintain, perpetuate Many sociologists have regarded education as central in perpetuating inequality. | reinforce Sex inequality in pay reinforces class inequality. | increase | reduce | remove They can build a more harmonious society once inequality and exploitation are removed. | rectify, redress The country has had some success in redressing racial inequalities.

INEQUALITY + VERB exist inequalities that exist in wealth and income | arise from sth, be based on sth inequalities based on racism and social class | persist, remain Even in the age of compulsory school, inequalities in education have remained. | increase | decline

PREP. ~ between economic inequality between men and women | ~ in gender inequality in education

PHRASES inequalities of opportunity/power/wealth, a pattern of inequality

You can also check other dicts: inequality (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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