inheritance noun

1 money/property

ADJ. large | small | rightful (literary) He accused his younger brother of trying to steal his rightful inheritance. | shared

VERB + INHERITANCE leave sb She left him an inheritance of £100,000. | come into, enter (into/on/upon) (literary), receive When he was 21 he came into a large inheritance. | claim When his father died, he returned to England to claim his inheritance. | renounce | challenge Jealous relatives tried to challenge her inheritance. | steal | restore (sb to) The Earl of Arundel's heir was restored to his inheritance and granted the lordship of Chirk. | divide The inheritance was divided equally among all the sons. | share (in) Under their law, all children shared in the inheritance.


PREP. ~ by The system involved inheritance by the eldest son. | ~ through inheritance through marriage

2 sth from the past/your family

PREP. common a common inheritance of language and culture | cultural | genetic, physical | classical the influence of the classical inheritance (= the culture of ancient Greece and Rome) on Renaissance thought

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