injustice noun

ADJ. cruel, grave, great, gross, terrible | perceived | racial, social

VERB + INJUSTICE experience, suffer He suffered the injustice of being punished for a crime which he did not commit. | regard sth as The trial was regarded as the greatest injustice of the post-war criminal justice system. | cause (law), commit, do (sb/yourself) She remains adamant that an injustice was done. We may have been doing him an injustice (= criticizing him unfairly). This work is good. | expose a novel that sets out to expose social injustice | fight against, protest against, speak out against, struggle against, work against She was acclaimed for speaking out against injustice. | correct, remedy people who work hard to correct society's injustices | stop

PREP. ~ by a terrible injustice by the police | ~ to It would be an injustice to the man to imprison him for life.

PHRASES the injustice of it all She was overwhelmed by the injustice of it all (= of the situation). | a sense of injustice, a victim of injustice

You can also check other dicts: injustice (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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