institution noun

1 large organization

ADJ. central, major Parliament remains the central institution of the constitution of the United Kingdom. | established | existing They argue for the reform of existing political institutions. | traditional | public | private | government, governmental, state | international, national | local | democratic | academic, administrative, charitable, cultural, economic, educational, financial, legal, lending, political, religious, research cultural institutions such as the Danish Institute

PREP. at a/the ~ a course at an institution of higher education | in/within ~ examination procedures within educational institutions > Note at ORGANIZATION(for verbs)

2 building for people with special needs

ADJ. mental, penal

VERB + INSTITUTION be admitted to, be placed in Many people with dementia would rather remain at home than be placed in an institution. | be kept in

PREP. at/in ~ patients in mental institutions | ~ for an institution for mentally ill offenders

3 custom

ADJ. national Fish and chips became a national institution in Britain. | cultural, economic, legal, political, religious, social cultural institutions such as religious and legal codes

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