interpret verb

ADV. correctly, rightly | wrongly | differently Different people might interpret events differently. | clearly | broadly, liberally The term ‘business’ is here interpreted broadly to include all types of organization in the public and private sectors. The strictness of the rules, even when liberally interpreted, has the effect of restricting innovation. | narrowly, restrictively, strictly | literally | metaphorically It is context and convention that determine whether a term will be interpreted literally or metaphorically. | easily, readily These figures cannot be easily interpreted. | cautiously These results must be interpreted cautiously.

VERB + INTERPRET be difficult to, be hard to | be able/unable to | seek to, try to We all seek to interpret what we hear and what we read.

PREP. as Her message was interpreted as a warning to the general.

PHRASES be variously interpreted (as sth) The figure of the Ancient Mariner has been variously interpreted (= interpreted in various different ways). | be widely interpreted as sth Her resignation has been widely interpreted as an admission of her guilt.

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