irritation noun

1 feeling/cause of being irritated

ADJ. considerable, great, intense, major, serious, some | growing, increasing | mild, minor, slight the minor irritation of having to queue | constant

VERB + IRRITATION feel He felt slight irritation at being kept waiting. | express, show He showed no irritation at the delay. | conceal, hide, suppress She made no attempt to conceal her irritation. | cause Such delays can cause considerable irritation.

IRRITATION + VERB grow, rise She felt irritation rising in her. | show She didn't let her irritation show.

PREP. in ~ Gary shook his head in irritation. | to your ~ I found to my great irritation that I'd forgotten the film. | with ~ ‘Of course not’ she said with some irritation. | ~ at our irritation at the delay | ~ to This is a major irritation to travellers. | ~ with her irritation with people who were slow

PHRASES a feeling/sense of irritation, a source of irritation Traffic noise is a source of constant irritation.

2 slight pain in part of the body

ADJ. intense, severe | mild | eye, skin a new cream to treat skin irritation

VERB + IRRITATION cause, lead to The infection can cause intense irritation of the throat. | experience, get, suffer Stop using the cream if you get any irritation.

You can also check other dicts: irritation (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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