jacket noun

ADJ. fitted, tailored | baggy, loose | heavy | light, lightweight | double-breasted, single-breasted | belted, zip-up | padded, quilted | bolero | waterproof, waxed | bulletproof | camouflage, check/checked, striped | corduroy, cotton, denim, fleece, leather, linen, sheepskin, suede, tweed, wool | pyjama, suit, uniform | bomber, combat, dinner, flak, flying, life, shooting, ski, smoking, sports He wore a tweed sports jacket.

VERB + JACKET pull on, shrug (sth) into, shrug on, slip on, throw on She shrugged her shoulders into her jacket. | pull off, remove, shrug off/out of, slip off | button (up), do up, zip up | unbutton, undo, unzip | hang up | drape, sling A light cotton jacket was draped over her shoulders.

JACKET + VERB hang His jacket hung over the back of his chair.

JACKET + NOUN pocket, sleeve He pulled his passport from his inside jacket pocket.

PHRASES a jacket and tie Gentlemen are requested to wear a jacket and tie for dinner. > Special page at CLOTHES

You can also check other dicts: jacket (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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