job noun JOB + NOUN search The first step in a job search is to prepare an up-to-date CV. | ad, advertisement | vacancy | application | interview | title His job title is Chief Hygiene Operative. | description, specifications Cleaning the office is not in my job description. | market There is an enormous job market for teachers at the moment. | cuts, losses | creation | opportunities, prospects | satisfaction How would you rate your job satisfaction? | security Workers questioned rated job security as being more important than high salary. | hunter, seeker Local companies are holding an open day for job seekers. | sharing The introduction of job sharing could prevent the need for redundancies.

PREP. in a/the ~ There's not much chance of promotion in a job like that. | on the ~ You will receive training on the job. | out of a ~ She found herself out of a job when her boss died. | ~ as She's got a job as a waitress. | ~ at She got a teaching job at the university. | ~ for jobs for women | ~ in a job in food retailing a job in a large firm | ~ with He moved to a better-paid job with another employer.

PHRASES a loss of jobs The closure of the cement factory will mean the loss of over 800 jobs. | the

1 employment

ADJ. high-powered, top It's one of the top jobs in management. | decent, good, worthwhile | interesting | plum The plum jobs all went to friends of the prime minister. | cushy His father found him a cushy job in the office, with almost nothing to do and a whacking great salary. | dream, ideal What would be your dream job? | boring, dead-end, menial, routine, undemanding He was forced to take a series of menial jobs. | challenging, demanding, difficult, taxing | highly-paid, well-paid | badly-paid, low-paid | full-time, part-time | 9-to-5 | regular, steady He was tempted to give up freelancing and get a regular job. | permanent, temporary | holiday, summer, vac/vacation | evening, Saturday, weekend | paid, unpaid | manual, non-manual | semi-skilled, skilled, unskilled | blue-collar, white-collar | desk a desk job in the police housing department | proper He'd done lots of part-time work, but this was his first proper job. | manufacturing, teaching

VERB + JOB have She's got a very good job with a local firm of solicitors. | look for | apply for, go for | find, get, land, take She got a temporary job stacking shelves. He's just landed himself a highly-paid job in the City. | lose He's frightened of losing his job. right person for the job Despite | give up, pack in, resign from | hold down, keep He's always had difficulty holding down a job. | advertise I saw the job advertised on the Internet. | interview (sb) for We're interviewing for the job in the Sales Department. | give sb, offer sb | create, provide (sb with) It is hoped that the scheme will create new jobs in the region. | axe, cut, shed Management are hoping to shed 200 jobs. | protect, safeguard The deal between the union and management should safeguard 6,000 jobs. | do I'm only doing my job (= doing what I am paid to do). | know He certainly knows his job (= is very good at his job).

JOB + VERB pay The job doesn't pay very well. | go 250 jobs are to go at the local steel plant. the small number of applicants, they managed to find the right person for the job.

2 task

ADJ. admirable, amazing, excellent, fine, first-rate, good, grand, magnificent, marvellous, professional, terrific, thorough, wonderful | difficult, hard, tough They gave me the tough job of telling applicants that they'd been rejected. | easy | important | big, long | little, small | fiddly, tedious fiddly little jobs like wiring plugs | dirty | unenviable Cooper had the unenviable job of announcing the redundancies.

VERB + JOB do, make You've done a grand job with that decorating. Try wedging it open?that should do the job (= be effective/successful). She made a very good job of covering up the damage. | have (on) You'll have a hard job convincing them that you're right. The builder has a couple of jobs on at the moment. | give sb | take on She's taken on the job of organizing the Christmas party. | get on with I want to get on with the job of painting my room today.

PREP. ~ in The author has done an admirable job in compiling all this material. | ~ of He made a very professional job of replacing the windows. | ~ on You've done a good job on the car.

PHRASES get a job done We're hoping to get the job done this weekend. | odd jobs (= small, practical jobs) I spend most Saturdays doing odd jobs around the house.

3 crime

ADJ. bank | inside (= done by sb in the organization where the crime happens)

VERB + JOB do He got six months for that last job he did. | bungle The gang bungled the job and got caught. > Note at JOB

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