joke noun

ADJ. funny, good | old That's an old joke?I've heard it lots of times. | cruel, sick | huge | dirty

VERB + JOKE crack, make, tell He's marvellous at telling jokes. | play He's always playing jokes on people. | have, share She likes to have a joke with her employees. | hear | get, laugh at We all fell about laughing, but he didn't get the joke. | take The trouble is she can't take a joke. | treat sth as He treated his exams as a huge joke.

JOKE + VERB fall flat The audience weren't very responsive and the jokes fell a bit flat. | be on sb I thought I'd play a trick on them, but in the end the joke was on me.

PREP. as a ~ It was only said as a joke. | ~ about Have you heard the joke about the elephant and the mouse?

PHRASES make a joke of sth We tried to make a joke of our situation, but it wasn't really funny.

joke verb

ADV. half She was only half joking about being prime minister one day.

PREP. about We joked about the amount of luggage we had to carry. | with joking with her friends

PHRASES be only joking Don't worry, I'm only joking! | joking apart/aside (= used to show you are now being serious after you have said sth funny), laugh and joke They laughed and joked as they walked along. | you must be joking No way am I doing that. You must be joking!

You can also check other dicts: joke (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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