ladder noun

1 piece of equipment for climbing up sth

ADJ. rickety | wooden | loft, rope

VERB + LADDER ascend, clamber up, climb (up), mount, go up He went up the ladder onto the deck. | come down, descend, go down | put up We put up the ladder and went to get the paint. | fall off, step off

PREP. on/up a/the ~ She was up a ladder mending the roof. | down a/the ~ I was standing lower down the ladder. | ~ to the ladder to the gallery

PHRASES the bottom/foot of a ladder, a rung/step of a ladder Several of the ladder's rungs were broken. | the top of a ladder

2 levels in a system

ADJ. evolutionary, social the people at the top of the social ladder | career, corporate, housing, promotion

VERB + LADDER ascend, climb, move up She was anxious to move up the promotion ladder. | get onto

PREP. higher up the ~ creatures higher up the evolutionary ladder | lower down the ~ | ~ of the ladder of fame | ~ to helping her on the ladder to success

PHRASES get/have one foot on the ladder He finally managed to get one foot on the career ladder. | a rung/step on the ladder the old problem of how to get onto the first step on the ladder

You can also check other dicts: ladder (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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