laugh noun

1 sound/act of laughing

ADJ. loud | light, little, short, slight, small | low | big, good, great The last joke got the biggest laugh. | belly, booming, hearty | barking, cackling, harsh, husky, throaty | silvery, tinkling | amused, delighted | embarrassed, nervous, shaky | polite | bitter, brittle, cynical, derisive, dry, forced, hollow, humourless, mirthless, mocking, rueful, scornful She forced a humourless laugh. | infectious

VERB + LAUGH give, let out, utter He gave a short, amused laugh. | have | force, manage | enjoy, like He enjoys a good laugh. | get, raise Few of his jokes got a laugh. She got a laugh out of Jack. | hear

LAUGH + VERB escape sb A small laugh escaped her.

PREP. for a ~ She dyed her hair green just for a laugh. | with a ~ He left the room with a cynical laugh. | ~ about/at We all had a great laugh about it afterwards.

PHRASES be good for a laugh Paul's always good for a laugh (= always amusing). | have the last laugh We'll have the last laugh if she finds out that you're the one who played the trick. | a laugh at sb's expense Oh yes, very funny?have your laugh at my expense! | the laugh is on sb (= sb looks ridiculous after they have tried to make fun of sb else)

2 sb/sth that is amusing

ADJ. good, real

PHRASES a barrel of laughs, a bit of a laugh, a laugh a minute (= very funny)

laugh verb

ADV. aloud, loudly, out loud It looked so funny that I almost laughed out loud. | gently, lightly, quietly, softly, silently, under your breath | deeply, heartily, a lot, really, uproariously He laughed heartily at his own joke. | just, merely, simply I thought she would be angry but she just laughed. | almost | briefly, a little, shortly | suddenly | easily, freely She smiles and laughs easily. | openly, outright | helplessly, uncontrollably | cheerfully, delightedly, excitedly, happily | hysterically, nervously | politely | incredulously, in disbelief | angrily, bitterly, cynically, derisively, grimly, harshly, hollowly, humourlessly, mirthlessly, ruefully, scornfully, sourly, wryly He realized how he had been fooled, and laughed bitterly. | together talking and laughing together

VERB + LAUGH have to, want to He looked so funny I just had to laugh. | begin to, start to | try not to I was watching them and trying not to laugh. | make sb He pulled a funny face to make us laugh. | hear sb I heard him suddenly laugh aloud.

PREP. about Tomorrow you'll be able to laugh about this. | at The audience laughed at her jokes. | with talking and laughing with the children Trent almost laughed with relief.

PHRASES burst out laughing, can't/couldn't help/stop laughing She was telling us jokes and we couldn't stop laughing. | fall about laughing It was so funny we just fell about laughing. | find yourself laughing He laughed, and she found herself laughing with him. | stop laughing

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