leadership noun

ADJ. clear, effective, firm, outstanding, real, strong He was praised for his firm leadership. | poor, weak | charismatic, dynamic, visionary | hardline | traditional | personal | deputy He is standing in the deputy leadership election. | collective, joint | local, national, world | Conservative, Labour, etc. | cultural, industrial, intellectual, military, moral, political, spiritual Political leadership needs a particular combination of skills. | church, government, parliamentary, party, union

VERB + LEADERSHIP assume, take on/over When Smith died, Blair took over the leadership of the party. | assert her method of asserting personal leadership | exercise, provide, show In the crisis he showed real leadership.

LEADERSHIP + NOUN bid, campaign, challenge | ballot, battle, contest, election, race, struggle | role | structure | style | qualities, skills He lacks leadership qualities.

PREP. under sb's ~ The school has flourished under the leadership of Mr Buxton. | ~ from What is really needed is clear leadership from the prime minister. | ~ in Leadership in science now went to the United States.

PHRASES a challenge to sb's leadership She withstood several challenges to her leadership. | a lack of leadership, sb's style of leadership

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