leap noun

1 big jump

ADJ. big, giant, prodigious | little | flying, running He made a flying leap at the ball.

VERB + LEAP make, take

PREP. ~ from, ~ into a leap into the air | ~ to

2 great change/increase in sth

ADJ. big, enormous, giant, great, huge, quantum There has been a quantum leap in profits since 1995. | small | bold, dramatic, sudden a dramatic leap in the number of people out of work | imaginative, intuitive | technological

VERB + LEAP make They've made a great leap forward with their road building in the last few years.

PREP. ~ from a leap from $632 to $735 | ~ in a leap in prices | ~ of a leap of 750% | ~ to

PHRASES a leap forward, by leaps and bounds, come on/improve in leaps and bounds His technique has come on in leaps and bounds this season.

leap verb

ADV. almost, nearly He almost leaped down the stairs when he heard who it was. | immediately | suddenly | clear, high She leaped clear of the water. | about, around, back, down, forward, out, up (and down) children leaping about with excitement

VERB + LEAP seem to (figurative) The photograph seemed to leap off the page at her. | be about to, be ready to Don't be so nervous?anyone would think I was about to leap on you.

PREP. across leaping across the puddles | from He leaped down from the ladder and ran over towards her. | into, off, on, onto He leaped onto his horse and rode off. | out of He leaped out of bed when he heard the telephone. | over leaping over high fences

PHRASES leap to your feet Rosie immediately leaped to her feet.

You can also check other dicts: leap (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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