left noun

1 side

ADJ. extreme, far My dad's in the front row, on the extreme left of the picture.

VERB + LEFT turn to If you turn to your left you will see the parliament building.

PREP. from the ~ The car came from the left. | on the/your ~ The bank is on the left, just after the post office. As you go in the door, you'll see it on your left. | on the ~ of The car park is on the left of the library. | to the/your ~ He looked to the left and then crossed. | to the ~ of My office is just to the left of the main door.

PHRASES from left to right; from right to left Arabic script reads from right to left.

2 the left: political groups

ADJ. extreme, far

PREP. of the ~ In recent years the country has been ruled only by governments of the left. | on the ~ They're both on the extreme left of the party. | to the ~ The party has moved further to the left. He is somewhat to the left of the previous leader.

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