length noun

1 distance from one end to the other

ADJ. entire, full, maximum, whole There is a maximum length of 2,500 words. The queue stretched the whole length of the High Street. | great a ditch of great length and width | medium | overall, total

VERB + LENGTH estimate, measure He measured the length and width of the table. | have The vehicle has an overall length of 12 feet. | grow to, reach These fish can reach a length of over two metres. | double in, increase in | cut sth to Measure the size of the window and cut the cloth to length. | drive, run, swim, travel, walk, etc. The fence runs the length of the footpath.

PREP. along the ~ of There were coloured lights along the whole length of the street. | in ~ The pipe was two metres in length.

PHRASES at arm's length He has to hold newspapers at arm's length to focus on the print. | double, twice, three times, half, etc. the length of sth The queen bee is twice the length of a worker bee.

2 amount of time that sth lasts

ADJ. considerable, great, inordinate | reasonable

VERB + LENGTH cut, reduce, shorten | increase

LENGTH + VERB increase | decrease

PREP. at ~ He told me at length about his new job. | in ~ Each lesson was an hour in length.

PHRASES length of time They complained about the inordinate length of time they had to wait.

3 length of a swimming pool

VERB + LENGTH do, swim I did 20 lengths today.

You can also check other dicts: length (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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