lid noun

1 removable top

ADJ. airtight, close-fitting, sealed, tight-fitting, tight Choose a dish with a tight-fitting lid. | hinged | box, case, coffin, dustbin, piano, saucepan, etc.

VERB + LID lift, open, prise off, raise, remove, take off She lifted the lid of the box. We managed to prise off the lid with a tyre lever. | close, put down, put on, replace, screw down, screw on, shut I poured some water and screwed the lid back on the bottle. The coffin lid had been screwed down. | keep on Keep the lid on the pan until the liquid comes to the boil.

PREP. on the ~ His name was on the lid.

2 lids: eyelids

ADJ. closed, drooping, half-closed, half-open, heavy, hooded, lowered, narrowed She felt the tears burning against her closed lids.

VERB + LID close, lower She saw James walk in and hastily lowered her lids. | lift, open She lifted her lids and found him looking at her.

LID + VERB droop Heavy lids drooped over her eyes.

PREP. behind … ~ She could still see the light flickering behind her closed lids. | beneath … ~ She glanced at him occasionally from beneath lowered lids. | through … ~ He was watching her through hooded lids.

You can also check other dicts: lid (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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