mail noun

ADJ. first-class, second-class | surface | express | registered | internal If we want to send something to another department, we use the internal mail. | international | direct direct mail advertising | incoming, outgoing | unopened, unread | electronic, video, voice | junk I throw junk mail straight in the bin without reading it. | hate He has received death threats and hate mail from angry fans. | fan

QUANT. item, sackful

VERB + MAIL send | get, receive | deliver | forward, redirect We got the Post Office to redirect our mail when we moved. | collect The mail is collected twice a day. | sort The postcode allows the mail to be sorted automatically. | check She checked her mail before leaving the hotel. | pick up | open | read | answer, deal with

MAIL + VERB come, go Has the mail come yet?

MAIL + NOUN order All our products are available by mail order. | message | item | program | system

PREP. by ~ Send it by first-class mail. | in the ~ My reply is in the mail. Is there anything interesting in the mail?

mail verb

ADV. direct

PREP. to The brochures are mailed direct to members.

You can also check other dicts: mail (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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