market noun

1 place where people go to buy and sell things

ADJ. open-air, outdoor, street | covered, indoor | antiques, cattle, fruit and vegetable, etc. | flea (= that sells old or used goods at low prices)

VERB + MARKET hold The market is held on Wednesdays. | go to | take sth to They took the pigs to market.

MARKET + NOUN square | town | day

PREP. at/in a/the ~ to buy some fish at the market

2 business/trade

ADJ. competitive | active, booming, bullish, lively, strong, thriving | bull (finance), rising | depressed, dull, sluggish, weak | bear (finance), falling | steady | buyer's, seller's | foreign, global, international, overseas, world | domestic, home, internal, local | single the completion of the European single market in 1992 | common | economic | free | open | black (= illegal) | bond, capital, commodity, consumer, currency, export, financial, foreign exchange, futures, housing, money, product, property, securities, stock | car, computer, etc. | job, labour

VERB + MARKET put sth on | come on/onto A new model has come on the market. | develop | break into, get into, penetrate They're hoping to get into the Far Eastern market. | capture, corner, monopolize | supply | flood flooding the market with cheap foreign goods | lose | depress | play an investor who knows how to play the market?and win

MARKET + VERB open up The Chinese market has opened up recently. | boom | pick up, rally | slump | be down, be up The market was down 15 per cent. | close The market closed weaker. | open

MARKET + NOUN price, value | conditions | leader | position, share | sector | trends

PREP. in/into a/the ~ changes in the UK market | on the ~ one of the best car deals on the market | ~ in a thriving market in second-hand cars

PHRASES be in the market for sth (= be interested in buying sth), the bottom's dropped/fallen out of the market (= the market has collapsed), a gap in the market, the bottom/lower/top/upper end of the market

3 people who want to buy sth

ADJ. big, good, huge, large | poor, small | expanding, growing | shrinking | ready | niche

VERB + MARKET create The company has created a niche market for itself.

MARKET + VERB expand, grow | shrink | collapse | bear sth We will charge whatever the market will bear (= as much as people can be persuaded to pay).

MARKET + NOUN segment | niche | research

PREP. ~ for the market for new cars

4 the free market

VERB + MARKET leave sth to Some services cannot be left to the market.

MARKET + NOUN forces | economy

market verb

ADV. heavily | effectively, successfully | cleverly | aggressively | actively | selectively The printer is being selectively marketed in a handful of countries.

PREP. as It will be marketed as a tonic for the elderly. | through The product is being marketed through the existing sales force. | to The company is not actively marketing its products to schools.

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