meat noun

ADJ. fresh | bad, rancid, rotten That meat smells rotten. | tender Simmer the meat for 30 minutes until tender. | tough | lean | fatty | dark, red, white | raw, uncooked | rare, undercooked | cooked, cured, processed, roast, salted, smoked | cold a plate of cold meats | frozen | minced | luncheon, potted, tinned | sausage | organic | halal, kosher | crab, horse, etc.

QUANT. bit, chunk, lump, piece, slab, slice | cut, joint She always buys the cheaper cuts of meat.

VERB + MEAT consume, eat The animals do not hunt and rarely consume meat. Do you eat meat? | chew (on) chewing on the tough meat | barbecue, cook, fry, grill, roast, stew Fry the meat in a little olive oil. | marinate | tenderize | seal Turn the meat frequently to seal it. | chop, cube, cut, dice, mince | bone | carve, slice

MEAT + VERB be/go off, rot The meat has gone off.

MEAT + NOUN dish, pie, products recipes for simple meat dishes | market | cleaver | eater I'm not a great meat eater. | content These pies have a low meat content. | production | consumption Britain's meat consumption > Special page at FOOD

You can also check other dicts: meat (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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