mechanism noun

1 part of a machine

ADJ. firing, locking, steering, trigger, winding

MECHANISM + VERB operate, work The door locking mechanism doesn't work. | jam

2 how sth works

ADJ. effective, precise an effective mechanism for enforcing the rules | underlying | complex | social

VERB + MECHANISM provide The system provides a mechanism whereby information is channelled into the market.

MECHANISM + VERB operate, work | allow sth, ensure sth

PREP. by/through the ~ of The government is held accountable through the mechanism of regular general elections. | ~ for a mechanism for dealing with complaints

3 system of parts/behaviour that performs a function

ADJ. avoidance, control, defence, escape, survival The body has defence mechanisms against many diseases. | cellular, genetic, immunological, molecular, neural, physiological, psychological, etc.

PREP. ~ for

You can also check other dicts: mechanism (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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