media noun

ADJ. audio-visual, broadcast, broadcasting, electronic, mass, news, print, visual The event was widely covered by the mass media | foreign, international, local, national | mainstream, official, popular

MEDIA + VERB report sth The local media reported rioting across the country.

MEDIA + NOUN attention, coverage, interest, publicity, reporting There was a lot of media coverage of the wedding. | campaign | report | event Sport has been turned into a series of media events. | blitz, circus, hype The company is anxious to play down the media hype. | spotlight | image She's very different from her media image. | bias | blackout, censorship | freedom | relations | baron, magnate, mogul, person, pundit, tycoon | conglomerate, empire, group, interests, organization, outlet | awareness, studies

PREP. through/via the ~ propaganda through the media

PHRASES access to the media, the role of the media

You can also check other dicts: media (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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