message noun

1 from one person to another

ADJ. important, urgent, vital | brief, short | coded, cryptic, scrambled | secret | garbled | email, radio, text | heartfelt The family sent a heartfelt message of thanks to everyone who helped.

VERB + MESSAGE convey, give sb, pass on, relay He's not here?I'll pass on the message. | take She's out?can I take a message? | carry, deliver, take sb | send, transmit | leave (sb) I left a message for her at reception. | get, receive I never got your message.

MESSAGE + VERB come | say sth, tell sb sth

PREP. ~ about There was a message about the meeting. | ~ for Are there any messages for me? | ~ from a urgent message from your mother | ~ of They sent messages of hope to prisoners of war. | ~ to The message was to your sister, not you.

2 main idea of a book, speech, etc.

ADJ. important | fundamental, main | clear, simple, unambiguous, unmistakeable | ambiguous, conflicting, mixed | powerful, strong | positive, upbeat | stark, uncomfortable | hidden, implicit, subliminal stories with hidden moral messages | anti-drugs, anti-war, etc. a party with an anti-immigrant message | ideological, moral, political, social

VERB + MESSAGE spread spreading the message of the Bible | drive home, get/put across We need to get this important message across to teenage smokers. | reinforce

MESSAGE + VERB emerge A clear message is emerging from these government statements.

PREP. ~ of The president toured the country spreading the message of national unity.

You can also check other dicts: message (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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