metal noun

ADJ. soft | pure | ferrous, non-ferrous | base, heavy, noble, precious, rare, trace, transition | cold, hot the sudden pressure of cold metal against her cheek | bare | solid | gleaming, shining, shiny | tarnished | corroded, rusty | scrap to recycle scrap metal | twisted The bomb left a pile of jagged glass and twisted metal. | ductile | molten | sheet | toxic

QUANT. lump, piece, strip

VERB + METAL be cast from/in, be made from/(out) of a statue cast in metal The doors are made of metal. | recycle

METAL + VERB contract, expand | rust

METAL + NOUN alloy | band, bar, box, frame, mesh, plate, rod, sheet | fatigue | detector

PREP. in ~ a sculptor who works in metal

PHRASES the clang/clash of metal

You can also check other dicts: metal (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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