mistake noun

ADJ. big, great It is a great mistake to assume that your children will agree with you. | bad, dreadful, fundamental, ghastly, grave, serious, terrible | costly, expensive This dress was an expensive mistake. | disastrous, fatal | tragic | elementary, little, simple All those problems because of one little mistake! | common | genuine, honest | deliberate | past The company has learned from its past mistakes. | stupid | spelling

VERB + MISTAKE make Don't make the same mistakes as I did. | repeat | learn from | pay for Ordinary people are paying for the government's mistakes. | discover, realize Too late, she realized her mistake. | acknowledge, admit (to) | correct, put right, rectify

MISTAKE + VERB happen, occur Mistakes are bound to happen sometimes.

PREP. by ~ I picked up the wrong bag by mistake. | ~ about I made a mistake about her.

PHRASES all a mistake I kept telling myself that it was all a terrible mistake. | an easy mistake to make Don't worry about it?it's an easy mistake to make!

mistake verb

ADV. easily An unwary observer could easily mistake this constellation for a comet.

VERB + MISTAKE can't You can't mistake him. He's got long ginger hair.

PREP. for I'm sorry. I mistook you for George.

PHRASES there is no mistaking sth There was no mistaking the admiration in his eyes.

You can also check other dicts: mistake (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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