model noun

1 copy of sth

ADJ. full-scale, scale | three-dimensional | detailed | working | clay, plastic, wooden, etc.

VERB + MODEL assemble (used of models that you buy in a lot of parts), build, construct, make

MODEL + NOUN aeroplane, car

PREP. ~ of She made a fantastic clay model of her dog.

2 type of product

ADJ. de luxe, popular, standard | latest, new

VERB + MODEL do, make, produce They do several other models of washing machine. | sell | design, develop | recall They're recalling their new model for modifications to the engine.

3 example

ADJ. excellent, good | conceptual, experimental, statistical, theoretical | clinical, economic, mathematical, medical, political, scientific | computer

VERB + MODEL give sb, provide (sb with) The tape provides a model for students to copy | copy | use

PREP. ~ of She was a model of restraint. | ~ for Successful state schools must be used as models for the rest.

4 for clothes

ADJ. female, male | top | catwalk, fashion

VERB + MODEL photograph, shoot > Note at JOB

5 for painting, etc.

ADJ. artist's, photographic

MODEL + VERB sit for sb/sth The model sits for me for three hours every day.

model verb

ADV. closely | explicitly

PREP. on/upon This system is closely modelled upon one used in French hospitals.

You can also check other dicts: model (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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