moment noun

ADJ. brief, fleeting | long | precious, quiet making the most of those last precious moments together | anxious, awful, awkward, embarrassing, heart-stopping, terrifying For one heart-stopping moment, we thought she was going to fall. | bad, difficult That was a bad moment in my life. | spare Could you look through this report when you have a spare moment? | exact, precise, very I felt at home here from the very moment I arrived. | good, opportune, perfect, right I don't think this is the right moment to ask for a pay rise. | critical, crucial, decisive, important, key We have reached a critical moment in the negotiations. | historic | climactic, dramatic | magic/magical, marvellous, memorable | emotional, poignant | finest, great, happiest, proudest Her finest moment came when she won Wimbledon. | unguarded She let the news slip by mistake, in an unguarded moment. | last (possible) Why do you leave it until the last possible moment before getting ready to leave?

VERB + MOMENT last, take The feeling only lasted a moment. This won't take a moment. | spend I spent a few moments thinking what I was going to say. | give sb, spare (sb) I can only spare you a moment, I'm afraid?I'm terribly busy. | enjoy, savour Victory was sweet, and he wanted to savour every moment. | choose, pick He's in a bad mood today?you need to choose your moment carefully. | capture I managed to capture the moment on film.

MOMENT + VERB arrive, come The moment had finally come to make a move. | pass He opened his mouth to say he loved her, but the moment passed.

PREP. after a/the ~ After a moment we followed him. | at a/the ~ At that very moment the telephone rang. He might wake up at any moment. | for a/the ~ She paused for a moment. | from a/the ~ I loved her from the first moment I met her. | in a/the ~ I'll be back in a moment. in her rare moments of leisure | ~ in a great moment in the country's history | ~ of at the moment of death It was the proudest moment of my entire life. There was a moment of silence.

PHRASES a few moments Could you wait a few moments? | a moment ago He was here just a moment ago. | a moment later A moment later, the ceiling fell in. | a moment longer/more I couldn't stand it a moment longer. | a moment or two I stood there for a moment or two. | never a dull moment There's never a dull moment in this job.

You can also check other dicts: moment (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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