month noun

ADJ. last, past The past few months have been hectic. | preceding, previous, recent | current | coming, following, next, future Winning stories will be published in the magazine in future months. | consecutive, successive | alternate | intervening To occupy the intervening months she took a temporary job. | early, later the early months of 2003 | cold, dry, hot, wet | autumn, spring, summer, winter hot summer months | lunar | calendar | record This has been a record month for sales.

VERB + MONTH spend He spent about a month decorating the house. | take It took months to find another job.

MONTH + VERB elapse, go by, pass

PREP. by the ~ paid by the month | during/in a/the ~ of The festival is always held in the month of May. | for a ~ It hasn't rained for months. | in a ~ We're getting married in a month/in a month's time. | over/under a ~ I've been working on the illustration for over a month. | per ~ What does the salary work out as per month? | ~ of The months of July and August are the hottest.

PHRASES a time of the month Our money's usually running low by this time of the month. > Note at MONTH

You can also check other dicts: month (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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