murder noun

ADJ. brutal, horrific, terrible, vicious | cold-blooded, premeditated, wilful (law) a verdict of wilful murder | attempted | double, mass, multiple | terrorist | racial, sectarian | unsolved

VERB + MURDER commit murders committed by terrorists | jail sb for | avenge He vowed to avenge his brother's murder. | witness | implicate sb in new evidence that implicated her in the murder | get away with (figurative) They let their children get away with murder!

MURDER + VERB take place

MURDER + NOUN victim | suspect | hunt (informal), inquiry, investigation | bid, plot | conviction | scene | mystery, story Her latest novel is a gripping murder mystery. > Note at CRIME(for more verbs)

murder verb

ADV. barbarously, brutally, foully, in cold blood The boy was brutally murdered. They were murdered in cold blood. | ritually | allegedly

VERB + MURDER attempt to, try to | plan to, plot to

PHRASES admit/deny murdering sb, be accused of murdering sb, be charged with murdering sb She was arrested and charged with murdering the two children. | be convicted/found guilty of murdering sb, be found murdered He was found murdered in the cemetery.

You can also check other dicts: murder (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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