murmur noun

1 sound of words that are spoken quietly

ADJ. dull, faint, low, quiet, soft | general a general murmur of assent | angry

VERB + MURMUR give, let out He gave a little murmur of relief. | hear

MURMUR + VERB rise, run A murmur of excitement rose from the audience. A murmur of amusement ran round the room.

PREP. in a ~ She answered in a low murmur. | with a ~ He took the mug of coffee with a murmur of thanks. | without a ~ They did as they were told, without a murmur. | ~ of

PHRASES the murmur of voices > Note at SOUND

2 low, gentle, continuous sound

ADJ. soft | low | distant, far-off


PREP. ~ of the distant murmur of traffic

murmur verb

ADV. gently, quietly, softly, under your breath ‘What a fool I've been,’ he murmured softly. | huskily, thickly, throatily | sleepily | shakily | apologetically, appreciatively, politely, soothingly, thoughtfully ‘Mmm, ’ she murmured appreciatively. | drily, ironically, sarcastically, sardonically, silkily, sweetly (ironic), wryly

VERB + MURMUR hear sb She heard him murmur something under his breath.

PREP. to He held her tight and murmured to her.

You can also check other dicts: murmur (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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