museum noun

ADJ. excellent, fascinating, great, interesting, major one of the world's great museums | local, municipal, national, provincial, regional, town | private, public | purpose-built | open-air an open-air museum of farming and the countryside | working Although the mill is no longer in commerical use, it is maintained as a working museum. | archaeological, folk, industrial, local history, maritime, military, railway, science, war, etc.

VERB + MUSEUM go to, visit

MUSEUM + VERB be devoted to sth, contain sth, house sth a museum devoted to railway memorabilia The museum houses a fine collection of textiles.

MUSEUM + NOUN building | collection, display, exhibition | piece all the planes are museum pieces | curator, director, staff | visit

PREP. at a/the ~ an exhibition of Chinese ceramics at the Ashmolean Museum | in a/the ~ There's a gift shop in the museum. | ~ of the Museum of Modern Art

You can also check other dicts: museum (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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