name noun

1 word/words sb/sth is known by

ADJ. Christian, first, given | middle, second | family, last (see also surname) | married | maiden | full His full name was William Augustus Grove. | proper, real | pet She insisted on being called by her full name ‘Clementia’ rather than the pet name ‘Clemmey’. (see also nickname) | assumed, false | official | joint The account is in joint names. | common ‘Smith’ is a very common family name. | double-barrelled, hyphenated | strange-sounding | personal The village of Low Catton takes its name from the Old English personal name ‘Catta’. | pen-, professional, stage George Eliot was a pen-name; her real name was Mary Ann Evans. (see also pseudonym) | brand, proprietary, trade | company | code | file | place, street

VERB + NAME have Have you got a middle name? | bear, carry The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar and hence carries his name. | be known by, go by The island is more commonly known by the name ‘Krakatoa’. He goes by the name of Jonno. | use She uses a different name in her professional life. | acquire, get, obtain The Brady bill acquired its name from its best-known sponsor, James Brady. | adopt, assume, take He was elected Pope in 1978 and took the name of John Paul II. | keep She decided to keep her maiden name for professional purposes. | abandon | change | carry on He wanted an heir to carry on the family name. | immortalize His name was immortalized in 1992 when he scored three goals in the space of five minutes. | choose, decide on/upon | give sb/sth She was given the name Maria, after her grandmother. | give sb, name, pass on Detectives believe that a hitman was sent to silence the witness before he could name names (= give evidence to the court/police). | call sb/sth by Please call me by my first name. | call sb ~s Stop calling me names (= stop saying rude/insulting things about me)! | call (out) Somebody called out her name from below. | mention We cannot mention the suspect's name for legal reasons. | drop She found him rather irritating to talk to; all he did was drop names (= mention the names of famous people he knew or had met in order to impress her). | invoke He invoked the name of Freud in support of his argument. | ask (sb) I asked him his name. | hear I've heard that name mentioned before. | know How do you know my name? | remember | print, sign, write | spell | enter, put down Have you put your name down for (= applied to take part in) the school quiz? | put forward They put his name forward (= chose him) as one of the five candidates for the post.

NAME + VERB appear The name of the artist appears on the vase. | imply sth, suggest sth As the name implies, Oxford was the place at which oxen could ford the river. | mean sth | ring a bell (figurative) ‘Does that name mean anything to you (= do you recognize it)?’ ‘Yes, it does ring a bell (= it is familiar).’

NAME + NOUN badge, plate

PREP. by ~ The head teacher knows every child in the school by name. | by the ~ of an actor by the name of Tom Rees | in sb/sth's ~ The tickets were booked in the name of McLean. I arrest you in the name (= on the authority) of the law. | under a/the ~ The room was booked under (= using) a false name. | ~ for/of The common name for the flower is ‘pineapple lily’.

PHRASES a change of name, give your name to sth The invading Franks gave their name to the country in which they settled. | name and address, names and faces I have a bad memory for names and faces. | put a name to sb/sth Nobody puts their name to a business (= uses their name for the name of a business) they are not proud of. | take sb's name in vain Have you been taking my name in vain (= showing lack of respect when using my name)?

2 reputation

ADJ. big | good | bad

VERB + NAME have | become She has become a big name in documentary photography. | make He made his name writing travel books. She's made quite a name for herself. | acquire, get The area got a bad name after a series of nasty murders. | protect They tried to protect the good name of the college. | give sb This kind of behaviour gives students a bad name. | blacken, damage The riots after the match only served to blacken the name of football.

PREP. ~ for The company has a name for reliability.

PHRASES sb's name is mud If you tell our secret your name will be mud (= you will not be popular) round here.

3 famous person/thing

ADJ. big, famous, household, well-known They are a big name in the world of rock music.

name verb (often be named)

ADV. originally | appropriately, aptly, suitably, well | significantly | correctly, incorrectly The present Kew Bridge was opened by King Edward VII and is correctly named ‘King Edward Bridge’. | curiously, delightfully, exotically, grandly, improbably, oddly, quaintly, romantically, strangely, wonderfully the curiously named Egg Castle | confusingly | euphemistically | ironically

PREP. after I named my son after my father. | for (literary) the dead sister for whom she had been named | in honour of sb/sth The hospital was named in honour of its principal benefactor.

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