neglect noun

ADJ. general, total | comparative, relative | benign The eighteenth-century interior of the building has survived through benign neglect. | deliberate, serious, wilful | physical | child The maximum penalty for child neglect is ten years' imprisonment.

VERB + NEGLECT suffer (from) The buildings suffered neglect for centuries. | be guilty of The doctor was guilty of serious neglect of duty.

PREP. by ~ cruelty by neglect | through ~ the suffering of children through neglect | to the ~ of She had concentrated on her music to the neglect of her other studies.

PHRASES centuries/years of neglect After years of neglect the house is at last being restored.

neglect verb

ADV. grossly, seriously | completely, entirely, totally, wholly | largely | conveniently (ironic), deliberately, wilfully conveniently neglecting their responsibilities | conspicuously an aspect of the problem conspicuously neglected by social scientists | hitherto, previously

VERB + NEGLECT tend to | cannot/could not afford to This sector is one of the major growth areas and we cannot afford to neglect it.

PREP. in favour of Local communities have been neglected in favour of private sector interests.

You can also check other dicts: neglect (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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