neutral adj.

1 not supporting either side

VERBS be | remain, stay

ADV. strictly The government maintained its strictly neutral policy. | completely | basically, broadly The Russians took a broadly neutral position. | politically The meeting must be at a politically neutral location.

PREP. about neutral about this issue

2 not showing strong qualities/feelings/colour

VERBS be, seem Her expression seemed neutral. | remain | keep sth Dolly kept her voice carefully neutral.

ADV. perfectly | fairly, quite, relatively She chose fairly neutral make-up. | apparently | carefully

3 not affected by sth

VERBS be, seem

ADV. culturally, ethically, ideologically, morally, politically Behaviour is never culturally neutral.

PHRASES gender neutral She argued that the law should always be gender neutral (= apply in exactly the same way to men and women).

You can also check other dicts: neutral (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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