night noun

1 when it is dark and most people sleep

ADJ. last, tomorrow | Friday, Saturday, etc. | early, late I think I'll have an early night (= go to bed early). | long | winter, etc. | bad, restless, sleepless | black, dark | clear, moonlit, starlit, starry | cold, stormy | wedding

VERB + NIGHT have | spend They spent the night in Bristol. | stay Ask your Mum if you can stay the night.

NIGHT + VERB fall When it came the night fell quickly. | progress, wear on As the night wore on it grew colder.

NIGHT + NOUN air, sky | duty, shift

PREP. at ~ lying awake at night | by ~ Paris by night | during/in the ~ I woke in the night. | for a/the ~, on Friday, etc. ~, per ~ The hotel costs £65 per person per night. | through/throughout the ~

PHRASES all night long, at this time of night, day and night/night and day (= all the time), a good night's sleep, good night She kissed him good night. | in the dead of night (= in the middle of the night), morning, noon and night (= all the time)

2 time between late afternoon and when you go to bed

ADJ. last, tomorrow | Friday, Saturday, etc. | the other I saw her the other night (= a few nights ago).

NIGHT + NOUN school

PREP. at ~ She doesn't like to walk home late at night. | by ~, on Friday, etc. ~

3 evening when a special event happens

ADJ. first, opening | last the last night of the play's run | big, great, memorable | dance, election, quiz

PHRASES make a night of it They decided to make a night of it and went on to a club. | a night out Fancy a night out?

You can also check other dicts: night (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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