noise noun

ADJ. deafening, loud | awful, horrible, terrible | low, slight The slightest noise will wake him. | sudden | funny, strange | background There was constant background noise from the motorway. | constant, incessant | banging, buzzing, clattering, etc. | aircraft, engine, traffic | rude One of the children made a rude noise.

VERB + NOISE create, generate, make the noise created by aircraft She was making a lot of noise. | hear, listen to We could hear funny little sucking noises. | deaden, reduce Wood is used to deaden the noise.

NOISE + VERB come from sth There were strange noises coming from the sitting room. | become/get/grow louder, grow, increase, rise | abate, die away/down, drop, fade away, fall The deafening noise of the machine dropped to a rumble, then stopped.

NOISE + NOUN level | pollution

PREP. above/over the ~ We had to shout over the noise of the traffic. | ~ from the noise from the engine room

You can also check other dicts: noise (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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