note noun

1 short letter

ADJ. brief, little, quick, short Just a quick note to wish you luck. | handwritten | covering, credit, delivery, love, promissory, ransom, sick, suicide, thank-you

VERB + NOTE scribble (sb), write (sb) | send (sb) | leave (sb) She left me a note to say my supper was in the fridge.

PHRASES a note of thanks

2 (often notes) words that you write down quickly

ADJ. brief | copious, detailed | scrappy | lecture | case, clinical, medical

VERB + NOTE jot down, keep, make, take She kept detailed notes of her travels. | go through, look through, read through, sift through

PREP. ~ of I've made a note of the book's title. | ~ on The catalogue has full notes on each artist.

PHRASES make a mental note (of sth/to do sth) She made a mental note to ring them in the morning.

3 (usually notes) extra piece of information

ADJ. detailed | explanatory | introductory | marginal | biographical | briefing, programme, usage

4 piece of paper money

ADJ. crumpled | five-pound, ten-euro, etc.

QUANT. bundle, roll, wad a thick wad of notes

5 single musical sound

ADJ. high, top She's a bit wobbly on the top notes. | low | right | wrong | musical | dissonant | chromatic, diatonic

VERB + NOTE play, sing | hit, strike | hold

6 quality/feeling

ADJ. brighter, cheerful, happier, lighter, optimistic, positive On a brighter note … | discordant, jarring, sad, sour | faint | serious | right His opening remarks struck the right note. | odd | false | cautionary, warning He sounded a cautionary note. | personal

VERB + NOTE hit, sound, strike | inject, introduce His remarks injected a note of levity into the proceedings. | detect I detected a faint note of weariness in his voice. | end on The conference ended on an optimistic note.

NOTE + VERB creep into/enter sb's voice

PREP. ~ of A note of suspicion entered his voice.

PHRASES a note in sb's voice There was a sad note in her voice. | on a brighter/happier, etc. note

7 notice/attention

ADJ. careful

VERB + NOTE take He took careful note of the suspicious-looking man in the corner of the bar.

PHRASES worthy of note The frescoes are worthy of note.

note verb

ADV. carefully | in passing He noted in passing that the government's record on unemployment was not very good. | duly Her lapse was duly noted by the stage manager and reported to the director. | above, already, earlier, previously These policies, as noted above, are not always successful. | approvingly | ruefully

VERB + NOTE should Visitors should note that the tower is not open to the public. | be important to | be interesting to | be pleased to I was pleased to note that my name had been spelt correctly for once.

PHRASES be worth noting There are a few points here that are worth noting. | it must/should be noted that … , a point to note There are two other points to note from this graph.

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