notice noun

1 attention

VERB + NOTICE take Take no notice of what you read in the papers. | come to Normally such matters would not come to my notice. | bring to | attract The change was too subtle to attract much notice.

2 written statement

ADJ. warning

VERB + NOTICE issue, place, post, put up The company has issued warning notices saying that all water should be boiled. | take down | read, see

NOTICE + VERB appear, go up The notice about his resignation went up this morning. | say sth, tell sb sth

PREP. ~ about There are notices about where to park.

3 information given in advance

ADJ. written | advance, prior | short | reasonable

VERB + NOTICE give, hand in your She's given notice that she intends to leave. | have, receive | need, require The bank requires three days' notice.

PREP. without ~ They cut off the electricity without notice. | ~ of A landlord must give reasonable notice of his intention to inspect the property.

PHRASES at a moment's notice The team is ready to go anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. | at short notice It's the best we can do at such short notice. | notice to quit His landlord gave him two months' notice to quit. | on a month's/week's, etc. notice She's on a week's notice, which doesn't give her long to find another job.

notice verb

ADV. not even My mum probably won't even notice I'm gone. | not really Nobody really noticed the changes. | barely, hardly, scarcely | (only) just I must go! I've only just noticed how late it is. | suddenly | at once, immediately He noticed at once that something was wrong. | quickly, soon | eventually, finally

VERB + NOTICE fail to | not appear to, not seem to He didn't seem to notice her.

PHRASES can't/couldn't help noticing sth You couldn't help noticing how his eyes kept following her.

You can also check other dicts: notice (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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