offer noun

1 of help or sth that is needed

ADJ. generous, kind | conditional, unconditional | job | peace

VERB + OFFER make (sb) He made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse | withdraw | accept, take up | decline, refuse, turn down

PREP. on ~ the range of goods on offer | ~ from I had to turn down a job offer from a theatre because the pay was too low. | ~ of They refused our offer of help.

2 special price/deal

ADJ. special | cheap | free I got the conditioner in a free offer with my shampoo. | introductory Your first order is delivered free as an introductory offer.

PREP. on ~ We have a number of bargains on offer.

3 amount of money

ADJ. acceptable, attractive, fair, favourable, reasonable | tempting | high, low We realized we would not get a higher offer. | final, initial | firm, formal Several people have made enquiries but no one has made a firm offer. | lucrative | pay | takeover | cash

VERB + OFFER make (sb), put in | withdraw | get, receive | listen to I'll listen to any reasonable offer. | accept | reject, turn down | increase, up They just kept upping their offer until I had to say yes.

OFFER + NOUN price

PREP. under ~ The property is currently under offer to a client. | ~ for Several people put in an offer for the house. | ~ of They accepted our offer of £80,000.

PHRASES be open to offers The asking price is £500 but I'm open to offers. | or near offer They are selling their car for £2,500 or near offer.

offer verb

1 give/provide sth; ask if sb would like sth

ADV. generously, kindly | helpfully | impulsively ‘Do you need any help?’ he offered impulsively.

VERB + OFFER be able/unable to, can/could the protection that life insurance can offer | appear to, seem to The plan seemed to offer real advantages. | fail to | be pleased to (formal), would like to I refer to your recent application and interview and am pleased to offer you the post of editor. | aim to, seek to | claim to They claim to offer a more comprehensive service than other firms. | be expected to, be likely to This investment is likely to offer a higher return. | be/feel compelled to, be forced to, be/feel obliged to She felt obliged to offer him a bed for the night. | have little/a lot/nothing, etc. to, have sth to This player has proved that he still has a lot to offer (= can still play well). The open evening is a chance to see what the college has to offer students.

PREP. to She offered drinks to her guests.

2 say that you will pay a certain amount

VERB + OFFER be able/unable to, can/could | be prepared to, be ready to, be willing to Would they be prepared to offer any more?

PREP. for They have offered over £500,000 for the house.

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