opinion noun

1 what you think about sb/sth

ADJ. good, high | low, poor | strong | conflicting, different, mixed Opinions are mixed regarding genetically-modified food. | honest If you want my honest opinion, I think the book is awful. | expert, informed, professional | considered | personal, subjective | objective | contrary, dissenting | majority | minority | second If in doubt about your diagnosis, get a second opinion.

VERB + OPINION entertain, have, hold | air, express, give (sb), offer (sb), pass, state, venture, voice The bishop spoke without passing any opinion on the scandal. | ask sb, seek He asked me for my opinion on the course. | get | form I formed the opinion that he was not to be trusted. | change

OPINION + VERB change | differ, vary Opinions differ as to when this wine should be drunk.

PREP. in your ~ In my opinion, golf is a dull sport. | ~ about/on She holds strong opinions on education. | ~ as to opinions as to the merits of the scheme | ~ of He has a very high opinion of your work.

PHRASES be of the opinion that … (formal) (= to believe or think that), a difference of opinion a genuine difference of opinion between the experts | in my humble opinion (humorous), a matter of opinion ‘London is wonderful.’ ‘That's a matter of opinion.’

2 what people in general think about sth

ADJ. prevailing | general, popular, public Contrary to popular opinion, many adult cats dislike milk. | international, local, national | expert, informed, professional | academic, legal, medical, political

QUANT. body This view is supported by a growing body of professional opinion.

VERB + OPINION mould, shape attempts to shape public opinion

OPINION + VERB be against sth, be in favour of sth Prevailing local opinion is against the new road proposals. | be divided Public opinion is divided on the subject of capital punishment.

OPINION + NOUN poll | former, leader

PREP. ~ among Opinion among doctors is that the medication is safe.

PHRASES climate of opinion in the present climate of opinion | shades of opinion all shades of political opinion

You can also check other dicts: opinion (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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