opposition noun

1 disagreeing with sth/trying to change it

ADJ. bitter, considerable, determined, fierce, stiff, strong, vehement | violent | growing, mounting | effective, powerful | direct a statement in direct opposition to party policy | active | organized | political | public | widespread

VERB + OPPOSITION express | mount, put up They mounted an effective opposition to the bill. | arouse | crush, overcome, stifle, suppress, wear down | be/come/run up against, encounter, face, meet (with), run into He is up against stiff opposition from his colleagues. | brook We will brook no opposition to the strategy. | strengthen | weaken

OPPOSITION + VERB come from sb Opposition came primarily from students.

OPPOSITION + NOUN force, group, movement

PREP. against/in the face of ~ She won against determined opposition from last year's champion. | despite/in spite of ~ The authorities succeeded despite bitter opposition from teachers. | in ~ to The warring factions had united in opposition to the common enemy. | ~ from The proposals met with violent opposition from the environmental lobby. | ~ to There was fierce public opposition to the plan.

2 (usuallythe Opposition) parties not in government

OPPOSITION + NOUN party | candidate, leader, member, MP, politician, spokesman | bench

PREP. in ~ The Conservative Party is now in opposition.

PHRASES the Leader of the Opposition

You can also check other dicts: opposition (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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