origin noun

1 time/place/reason that sth starts

ADJ. common | doubtful, obscure, unknown a letter of doubtful origin | true | ancient, early, primitive | recent The term ‘black hole’ is of very recent origin. | immediate The development had its immediate origins in discussions with management. | African, English, etc. | foreign | local | mixed | natural | supernatural | environmental, geographical, historical, intellectual | animal, human, mineral, plant, vegetable foods of animal origin We shouldn't forget our animal origins.

VERB + ORIGIN have, share The vases share common origins. | investigate, trace | owe Population genetics owes its origin to Francis Galton. | explain | reflect

ORIGIN + VERB go back to sth, lie in sth The origins of Gdansk go back to the tenth century.

PREP. in ~ The rock is volcanic in origin. | of … ~ a painting of unknown origin

PHRASES sth's country of origin Bottles are labelled by country of origin. | have its origin in sth The dispute had its origin in the Battle of Wakefield.

2 family, race, class, etc, that a person comes from

ADJ. African, English, etc. | foreign | mixed | class, ethnic, national, racial, social | middle-class, noble, peasant, slave, working-class | humble, lowly He had risen from humble origins through hard work.

VERB + ORIGIN trace Their family can trace its origins back to the Norman Conquest. | betray Her accent betrayed her working-class origins.

PREP. by ~ He is a Londoner by origin. | in ~ Her family is Portuguese in origin. | of … ~ He was of lowly origins.

PHRASES sb's country of origin

You can also check other dicts: origin (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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