paint noun

ADJ. thick | runny, thin | fresh | dry, wet | emulsion, enamel, gloss, matt, metallic, satin, spray | lead, lead-based, oil-based, water-based | acrylic, oil, poster an artist working with acrylic paints

QUANT. blob, speck, splash, spot Specks of paint found at the scene were found to match the accused's car. | coat I'll give the walls a fresh coat of paint. | layer The artist has used several layers of paint to create the stormy sky. | lick (informal) A lick of paint will do wonders for the room. | jar, pot, tube | box, set a set of watercolour paints

VERB + PAINT apply, put on, spray | daub with, spatter with, splash with | remove, scrape off, strip (off) | mix | dilute, thin

PAINT + VERB dry | blister, chip, crack, flake (off), peel Paint was peeling from the walls.

PAINT + NOUN brush (also paintbrush) | pot | manufacturer, shop | job We did a quick paint job on the car and hoped the damage wasn't noticeable.

paint verb

ADV. carefully | badly, crudely The walls had been painted very badly. a crudely painted human figure | beautifully, exquisitely | brightly, gaily the cheerful, brightly painted doors | garishly, gaudily

PREP. in an artist who usually paints in oils | on I like to paint on canvas. | with Paint the box all over with varnish.

PHRASES freshly/newly painted, paint sth blue, white, etc. We painted the walls light green.

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