painting noun

1 act of painting

ADJ. acrylic, oil, watercolour | finger | miniature | abstract, decorative, figurative, genre, landscape, life, portrait, still-life, surrealist

VERB + PAINTING do I'll do some painting this afternoon. | take up When she retired she took up painting.

PAINTING + NOUN style, technique | course

PHRASES painting and decorating The firm specializes in painting and decorating.

2 picture

ADJ. fine, good, great | famous, well-known | valuable | original The design is based on an original painting by Matisse. | miniature | Cubist, Impressionist, Old Master, etc. | avant-garde | abstract, figurative, figure, genre, landscape, life, nude, still-life, surrealist | ceiling, fresco, wall | acrylic, gouache, oil, watercolour

QUANT. series | collection, exhibition

VERB + PAINTING do, execute, paint, work on Degas did several paintings of ballet dancers. | frame | hang, put up | display, exhibit, show | collect She collects paintings by nineteenth-century Australian artists. | clean, conserve, restore | copy, reproduce

PAINTING + VERB depict sb/sth, portray sb/sth, show sb/sth | hang His most famous paintings hang in the Tate Gallery.

PREP. in a/the ~ The woman in the painting is the artist's mistress. | ~ by a painting by Gauguin | ~ in a fine painting in oils | ~ of paintings of flowers > Note at ART

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