palm noun

1 flat part of the front of your hand

ADJ. soft | horny | sweaty | open | outstretched

VERB + PALM hold up, raise He held up a palm for silence. | spread He spread his palms in a gesture of openness. | press I pressed my palm to the wound to stop the bleeding. | slap She slapped her palm against the desk in anger.

PALM + VERB sweat | face Hold out your arms with the palms facing downwards.

PALM + NOUN reading | print

PREP. against your ~s The metal felt hot against my palms. | between your ~s He took her hand between his palms and squeezed it. | in your ~ He showed me the coins in his palm.

PHRASES palm/palms up/upwards She held out her hand to me, palm up.

2 tree

ADJ. coconut, date, oil

PALM + NOUN tree | branch, frond, leaf | grove | oil

You can also check other dicts: palm (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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