party noun

1 political group

ADJ. political | centre, left-wing, right-wing | centrist, fascist, populist, progressive, radical, reactionary, revolutionary, social democratic, socialist | Communist, Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Liberal, Republican, etc. | opposition | parliamentary members of the parliamentary party (= MPs, not ordinary party members) | main both main political parties | majority, minority They are now the majority party in Parliament. | governing, ruling

VERB + PARTY establish, form, found, set up | dissolve, wind up The party was officially dissolved in 1927. | split a bitter dispute which finally split the party | be/become the leader of, lead | be/become a member of, belong to, join | be affiliated to, have links with He was accused of having strong links with the Communist Party. | leave, resign from She left the party in 2000. | expel sb from | vote for | elect, put in/into power, return to power The Labour Party was returned to power in 2001.

PARTY + VERB come to power, gain power, win (sth) | lose (sth), lose power The Labour party lost the vote on this important issue. | contest sth the parties contesting the elections

PARTY + NOUN conference, congress | activist, member, faithful (= loyal members of the party) | chairman, leader, leadership | line Most MPs will follow the party line (= the official view of the party). | politics

PHRASES the left/right wing of the party

2 social occasion

ADJ. cocktail, dinner, tea | birthday, Christmas, farewell, house-warming, leaving | garden, office, street | all-night | fancy-dress | surprise

VERB + PARTY give, have, hold, organize, throw On moving in they threw a huge house-warming party. | invite sb to | attend, go to | gatecrash | leave

PARTY + VERB go on There was a party going on next door. | be in full swing (= to be very busy and noisy) By now the party was in full swing. | break up The party broke up around midnight.

PARTY + NOUN guest | pooper (also party-pooper; sb who does not want to join in the fun at a party)

PREP. at a/the ~ I was at a party in London that night. | ~ for I'm organizing a surprise party for my sister.

3 group of people working/doing sth together

ADJ. boarding, coach, landing, raiding, reading, rescue, search, stretcher, working It was time for us to join the coach party.

PREP. ~ of She arrived with a party of helpers.

4 person in a legal case

ADJ. guilty, innocent | aggrieved, injured | interested First we must notify all the interested parties. | third You must sign the document in the presence of an independent third party (= another person apart from the two main people involved)

VERB + PARTY notify | be binding on/upon, bind This agreement shall be binding upon both parties.

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